Dentist Washington, DC  Implants

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular method for replacing missing teeth. In this procedure, titanium supports are surgically fused with your jawbone, and act as an anchor for naturally looking false teeth. Dental implants are not only used for individual tooth replacement, but can also be used when replacing multiple teeth as an alternative to dentures.


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Case 1 (Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction)

Case 2 (Individual Implant Crowns)

Case 3 (Implant Supported Complete Denture)

Case 4 (Individual Implant Supported Crown)

Case 5 (Implant supported Hybrid Lower Denture)

Case 6 (Single Tooth Replacement)

Case 7 (Full Lower Arch Crowns and Bridges)

Case 8 (Full Upper Maxillary Reconstruction)

Case 9 (Surgical and Prosthetic Implant Placement)

Case 10 (Surgical and Prosthetic Dental Implant)

Case 11 (Surgical and Prosthetic Dental Implant)

Case 12 (Dental Implants)

Case 13 (Dental Implants)

Case 14 (Dental Implant)