Dr. Renis Kapshtica Testimonials

Testimonials About Our Washington, DC Dentists

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Washington, DC , Washington. Read what our patients are saying about us below.

I used to be a patient of this practice when I lived in DC. I was most recently in your office about one year ago.

I just wanted to let you and Dr. Renis know that I saw a dentist in New Haven CT a few weeks ago and they raved about what a wonderful job he did with me. The dentist said his work was fantastic and he said "I don't say that often about a lot of dentists".

I was very pleased and proud :) I just wanted to let you know!

Thanks for everything!

- Alyson

I've been seeing Dr. Renis for a few years now and he's great, especially after having had an experience with another terrible practice. Dr Renis and his staff are very friendly, the office is very clean and orderly, and most importantly, he does very good teeth cleaning and he doesn't push unnecessary services. He may make recommendations based on what he observes but always leaves it up to the patient to decide if you want to follow through with whatever procedure. Thanks!

- Viv. C

I am not sure if you remember my daughter and I, but you took impressions for a Soundbyte system on her back in June. I just wanted to let you know that she received her system on August 14th. The fit is great and she has not had any problems! The staff at Jefferson were really impressed with the way the ITM fits her...they have been having some difficulty with fit in several of their patients.

So thank you once again for taking the time to see us, and for taking the time to make sure that the impression was good enough for the ITM to fit well. There is a measurable difference in her hearing! It is wonderful to see.

- Lori

I found Dr. Renis by chance through my insurance. I've been incredibly lucky to have found him on my first go. Dr. Renis and his staff are very kind and patient - fielding all of my questions. The office is very clean, doesn't push unnecessary services and I can totally trust him.

I've had a wisdom tooth extraction and he was very sensitive about my anxieties. He's been available as a resource and always leaves the final decision up to the patient, which is what is so great about him. Never stops smiling, either.

- Esther S.

I just really want to thank Dr. Renis and each of you for all the work you have done for me on helping me with my smile! I love to smile!

I know it has been A LOT of high quality work. Thank you!

- Marguerite Q.