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Occlusal Guards and Soundbite Hearing System

Occlusal guards or as commonly known as nightguards are extremely useful in reducing pain in patients who exhibit wear on their dentition, muscle sourness, tension headaches around the temporalis muscles, clicking upon opening, significant decrease on opening and other signs of temporomandibular disease. An extraoral and intraoral evaluation is completed as well as options are presented as per the correct design of the appliance for each patient.


The Soundbite hearing system allows people with single-sided complete deafness to wear an intraoral device fabricated by Sonitus Medical and a small microphone in the deaf ear to completely regain hearing.  Dr.Kapshtica takes the measurements for this device and assists in delivering this appliance.  He works closely with Dr. Rachel Lazarro from the Audiology Center of The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates as well as the Ear, Nose, Throat doctors in the second floor of his building to design and deliver this treatment to his patients. The soundbite hearing system is intended for patients who seek a nonsurgical, noninvasive hearing device that delivers high-fidelity sound.